We offer one-stop customization for customers

At the very beginning, we understand the customer's original concept of a design through communication, covering color, pattern, logo printing.

Our products have tapped into the global markets, including United States, which are highly recoginized by our overseas customers. Till now, we have cooperated with 200 enterprises from the fields of led.


1. Inquiry phase

At the start of every product, our sales and marketing team will work closely with customers to discuss goals and objectives.

2. Concept and Design

The design team is involved from the start of a project to ensure the best custom design. Clients are always supplied with alternative designs to suit specifications and budgets.

3. Quality Management

In order to supply high quality structures, we maintain an effective & efficient Quality Management System.

4. Mass Production

Once the design is proven and goes to mass production then hundreds of thousands of products can be produced at high speed and precise accuracy.

5. Service and Support

We can arrange the transport for orders – whether through our own intermodal services, other suppliers or a combination of both.

6. World Wide Shipment

We have established solid cooperation with well-known reliable companies of shipping, air transport and express to ensure that the products arrive on time and in good condition.


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