3C certified bulb

2020-09-18 16:12:24

Light bulbs are generally installed on the surrounding ceilings of bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. This kind of concealed lamp embedded in the ceiling, all light is projected downward, which belongs to direct light distribution. Different reflectors, lenses, blinds, and bulbs can be used to achieve different light effects. Downlights do not occupy space and can increase the soft atmosphere of the space. If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to reduce the pressure of space.3C certified bulb 1The main problem of downlights lies in the lamp sockets. The lamp sockets of some off-brand downlights are not resistant to high temperatures and are easily deformed, causing the bulbs to be unscrewed. All lamps can only be sold after passing the 3C certification, and consumers should choose the downlights that have passed the 3C certification.

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